Special Programs

We offer a variety of opportunities for our students! Purchase Plants
Each year, students start a selection of plants in the greenhouse and transfer them to baskets and flats for community purchase. Last year, students raised a variety of native NC plants that are drought resistant, made cards explaining how to care for the plants, and developed a presentation for the community and local landscapers about the benefit of selecting native plants.


We hope to offer the following plants this year.
Brown-eyed Susans High-bush blueberry Spicebush
Purple Coneflower Jewelweed Carolina Rhododendron
Bee Balm Flame Azalea Rosebay Rhododendron
Joe Pye Weed Trumpet Creeper Elderberry
Quilt Squares
Students create large quilt squares perfect for decorating barns and homes.
There are a variety of patterns and sizes from which to choose.
Purchase Squares
Wooden Chairs
Students also construct wooden chairs in our woodworking studio.
Using wood-burning tools, these chairs can be personalized with images, initials, or family names.
Purchase Chairs
Engineering & Construction
Each semester, students can take courses to learn skills for the trade industry. Students learn essential safety procedures, how to conserve and maintain materials, read blueprints. At the end of the year, students complete a commissioned project or find a means for improving the school grounds.
If you have a small-scale project (stained-glass windows/door, insulated doghouse, window boxes, specialized mailbox post, coffee or side tables, etc.), please contact our Construction Technology teacher.